Dear Johanna

Jo and MeJohanna Ruth was born the summer of 2010. At the time I was not ready to be an aunt and my brother and his wife weren’t quite ready to be parents. Johanna changed that for all of us. In her first three years of life she taught me as much about life and God and what it means to hurt and to love as I learned in any philosophy class. Jo continues to teach me, usually without trying.

I have been writing letters to Johanna since the day she was baptized, the day I first experienced being a source of unconditional love. As she has grown into her strong-willed, skirt-spinning, boot-wearing, Daddy’s Girl self, I see more and more of my own struggles, strengths, and passion in her.  Though Jo is now seven and has two younger siblings, there is something special about my connection to her, some of which is shared through open letters on this blog.

Writing to a child is as much about learning as it is sharing. I invite you to learn and grow with us through some of life’s greatest lessons.

Dear Johanna
Dear Johanna: An Open Letter on Being a Big Sister
Dear Johanna: Thoughts on Friendship, Risk, and Vulnerability
Dear Johanna: Thoughts on Death and Eternity
Dear Johanna: Thoughts on Work and Worth
Dear Johanna: Pieces of Heart
Dear Johanna: Of Sandboxes and Such
Dear Johanna: The System is with You: Thoughts on Power and Privilege
Dear Johanna: Sweet Like Onions: A Lesson on Knowing and Being Known
Dear Johanna: Not Every Princess Marries a Prince, Thoughts on Being Single


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