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Because Justice Matters: In July of 2014, I discovered SF’s Tenderloin District. In August, I met Ruthie Kim, founder of of Because Justice Matters, a non-profit that works with women and girls living in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods. Something in me broke and blazed in all the right ways, so I offered to writer for their blog. I regularly contribute stories about women like Kimmie, Lisa, and Bailey.

It’s a Small Word: Get it? It’s a play on words…or is that worlds? The brainchild of creator David Fee, this blog was “an ongoing conversation between a small group of geographically disparate folks.” The was project made possible “by the magic of technological interwebtastic modern communications” and “a fundamental urge to curiously connect with fellow humans.” Each week bloggers shared their thoughts on topics like connection and independence and what it means for us to be a global society. You can find my posts under the aggregate of Amanda’s Posts.

Parisian American: Transferred from blogger to WordPress (sorry about the photo formatting), this blog details my experiences during the three months I spent living outside of Paris, working as a “fille au pair” for a trilingual six-year-old and attempting to learn French. Themes include connection, heartsickness, travel, food, and the meaning of “home” and hospitality.

Everything’s Up to Date:  With a title taken from a song featured in the 1955 musical Oklahoma, this blog meanders its way through the three years I spent living in the Kansas City area. Themes and topics vary, but include my first and only experience with the roller derby, the struggle to establish and make sense of life after college, my first experience losing a job, and the numerous observations I made as a youth program coordinator at a mid-sized church in Liberty, MO.

HyVee Hiatus: Not for the faint of heart or stomach, this blog details the experiences of a post-college student who has moved back in with her parents and is using (or not so much using) her hard-earned Bachelor’s of Arts to package cocktail buns and slice bread at a local grocery store bakery. Themes include the search for hope, frustration with manual labor and questions of privilege, entitlement and responsibility. A little snarky with a hint of bitterness, the sweet scent of pastries balances this cynic’s quest for happiness.

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