Laura Glen Photography | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Laura Glen Photography | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Welcome to akcarroll.com, a place of creation, connection, exploration, and reflection. I’m glad you’re here.

Looking for samples of my content writing or recent examples of my food and culture coverage? Check out my profiles on Food Network, 7×7, SF Weekly, Eater SFEdible East Bay, and Berkeleyside, or my bar scene pieces in Diablo and Napa Sonoma. You can also find a storehouse of clips at akcarroll.wixsite.com/clips.

Want to know more about me and my musings? Stick around and stay right here.

When people ask me how long I’ve been a writer, I typically say for as long as I can remember. My earliest work appeared in the gas mileage notebook that sat in the glove compartment of my Dad’s silver Toyota. I have since graduated to a laptop (also silver), but try to retain some of the wonder and freshness of being a child. My writing is driven by a desire to connect to a fragile and fascinating world.

The blog posts on this site cover a variety of topics, from homelessness and heartbreak to singleness, technology, community and dating. You’ll also find a collection of open letters addressed to my niece, Johanna. This blog is a place where I work through ideas and share some of what I’m learning. (I like to learn. I hope you do too.)

I also work as a content writer for a few start ups and write for local and regional publications, primarily covering food and culture. It is some of the hardest and most fascinating work I have ever done. I am honored each time I get to shine light on someone else’s story.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Writing and Rhetoric and an MFA in creative non-fiction writing. Among other things, I have been a youth program director, bakery clerk, Parisian au pair, copywriter, public speaker, ESL instructor, caterer, and phone-a-thon caller. I am magnetically drawn to bodies of water and delighted by unexpected beauty. Welcome to my wonderings. I hope you feel at home.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just read your letter to your niece re: marriage. Poignant. Thank you for sharing.

    Please know there are princesses who, with or without their princes charming, have built meaningful, adventurous lives. Being unyoked–temporarily or for a lifetime–doesn’t mean one is flawed or broken.

    There is already beauty in your life–the beauty unfolding in you, Amanda.

    ~A princess who empathises with you

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