“You Can Do It”

There are some 90 folders in my gmail account. A few of them I dump into fairly often: “Purchases,” “Enneathoughts,” “Lamorinda Weekly” as of late. Some serve mostly as archives—folders from previous jobs, past relationships, possible housing and long lists of potential plans. At the top of the list is folder marked “Addresses”. And at the bottom? Well, I rarely chance to scroll to the bottom of those 90 folders. But the bottom folder is my favorite. The bottom is a life source.

Last only because my folders are arranged in alphabetical order, at the bottom of my sidebar is a folder labeled “You Can Do It”. It is the second folder of this nature that I have created and it is my favorite for good reason. Because life and work can be difficult and discouraging, especially when you work independently and from home. And encouragement is very important, especially when you are, well, human.

The first e-mail in the folder

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